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ADVA WATER Limited Edition 500 ml.

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ADVA WATER Limited Edition 500 ml.
ADVA WATER Limited Edition 500 ml.



ADVA – The future water

Water shapes our landscapes and sustains life on Earth. It influences our emotions and inspires imagination and creativity. Yet we take it for granted. Through this presentation you will be able to get a complete idea of why ADVA water is an unique product for the world market and also without an analogue.
Furthermore, you will find out why professionals, who take good care about their wellbeing, called ADVA water - "The Future of Water" and "The right water" to drink!

First, we shall emphasise on the major role that ADVA water plays for the human body. Since ADVA is structured water we shall refer to it as SW / structure water /, further in our presentation.

• 70% of human body consists of SW.
• SW is the vehicle for the blood cells to circulate in the body.
• SW is the most important dissolvent for nutrients including oxygen.
• SW is a bonding material for the solid elements of the cell. Near the cell membrane, water becomes sticky as ice and by binding solids together it forms the protective barrier of the cell or so-called cell membrane.
• The nervous system responsible for transmitting nerve impulses in the brain and nervous tissue depends on the speed of movement of sodium and potassium ions through the membrane of the nerve cell. Unbound water passes freely through the membrane and activates the sodium-potassium ion pump (the active transport mechanism which carry out the movement of trace elements).
• An action potential, also called a nerve impulse, is an electrical charge that travels along the membrane of a nerve cell. SW seeks to penetrate the cell during the osmosis process and produces energy that serves as a fuel for the sodium-potassium ion pump to activate the removal of potassium from the cell and injecting sodium inside it- just as in a hydroelectric power plant, water drives turbines to produce electricity.
Until nowadays food was always believed to be “the source “of energy for all chemical processes in the cell. Therefore, water never attracted the necessary attention as a source of energy for the human body.
With ADVA water we will prove that "the right water" is actually a major source of energy for the human cell. Therefore a person can last without food more than a month but without water only 3 days.
• SW is the main regulator of energy and osmotic balance in the body. Sodium and potassium ions stick to the transported protein and when water drives the protein the trace elements act as a "dynamo magnet." Due to the rapid rotation of the sodium and potassium ions in the sodium-potassium ion pump energy is generated which then is stored in "depots" in different parts of the body.
• We can differentiate 3 types of such "depots": 1. ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), 2. GTP (guanosine triphosphate) and 3. А special system for binding calcium. The binding of 2 calcium ions stores the same energy as one molecule of ATP. When this bond is broken, energy is released to create a new ATP molecule. The use of calcium in the above mechanism makes the bones of the human body not only a support structure but also a storage depot of energy. Therefore, in cases of severe dehydration
and hence - reduced formation of hydroelectric energy, the body turns back to the skeletal system to regain accumulated energy. That is why the main cause of osteoporosis is dehydration.
• All plants and animals including human beings live due to the energy generated by water. Insufficient understanding of the great dependence of our body on hydroelectric energy leads to gaps in the scientific evaluation of the human body and its processes.
• In a well-hydrated body SW represents 95% of the blood volume. The ideal percentage of intracellular water is 75%. The difference in water content between the intracellular and extracellular fluid is the reason why the water is directed to the inside of the cell. Thousands of sodium-potassium ion pumps are located on cells’ membranes. As the water passes through them hydroelectric energy is generated as part of the potassium-sodium ions exchange cycle.
• Only the free (unbound) water that you drink is able to produce hydroelectric energy in the cell membrane. Water, that is already in the body and it is performing other tasks, cannot produce energy. Therefore, the water should be consumed at regular intervals throughout the day and be considered as the best energy beverage. One of the advantages of water as a source of energy is that the excess amount is easily eliminated from the human body. Water produces energy to replenish the cells and then leaves the body extracting toxic waste from cellular activity. The body does not retain it.
• When a person does not drink enough SW and becomes dehydrated the cells begin to consume the accumulated energy. As a result, they become more dependent on the energy received from food rather than from water. In this situation the body is forced to accumulate fat and use its reserves of proteins and complex carbohydrates – which are more easily broken down instead. That's why 37% of modern Western world are overweight, because their bodies are constantly fighting with dehydration.
• The term “hydrolysis” (the chemical breakdown of a compound due to reaction with water) is used in reference to SW that participates in human metabolism together with other substances. The digestion of food is an example of hydrolysis, as water helps to break down the compounds one has eaten.
• Processes that depend on hydrolysis include the breakdown of proteins into amino acids, fats into fatty acids. Without SW hydrolysis is impossible. The hydrolysis function of water depends on the breakdown of the water itself, i.e. it must break down on its own in order for hydrolysis to takes place. Therefore, before we eat solid food, we must saturate our body with water.
But which water is structured?
This is water in which we have a spatial reorganization of water molecules and a decrease in a molecular entropy, i.e. increasing the level of order which in return leads to an increase of the total energy, so only then water becomes structured, more energy efficient and thus more biologically active. In other words, water adopts physical qualities that maintain periodic changes of the positive and negative charge of the dipole ability of the water’s molecules which in respect improves the biochemical processes in all biological systems in the living organisms using such water.
SW is the water erupting from the purest earth cores.
Our invention recreates this process and includes a complex of combined electrophysical and physical operations for producing structured water by contactless recording of information matrices under the influence of scalar waves.

uld safely increase water consumption gradually and not rapidly.
• The body retains salt to retain water. But if the water supply increases and the salt does not, the body begins to lose salt. Therefore, it must be taken in sufficient quantities. In a daily consumption of 10 glasses of water the salt intake amount should be 3 grams or half of table spoon.
• It is most correct to consider "living water" as alkaline and healing and "dead water" as acidic and suitable for external use only.
• With the help of high technology we managed to produce living water and called our water ADVA (which in Hebrew means wave, movement, energy, life). ADVA is identical to the water of the purest mountain stream that erupts from a depth of hundreds of meters and passes by billions of stones that in return change the energy charge of the water, its molecules and break its clusters.
• ADVA water is filtered and disinfected using an innovative that preserves all useful minerals and eliminates harmful ones such as chlorine, fluorine and all heavy metals. Also eliminates microorganisms that exist in tap, bottled, mineral, table, spring and filtered water.
What is body Ph and Acidosis?
Human body is made up mainly of water - so it can easily transfer vital nutrients, oxygen and etc. from one place to another. The aqueous medium may have either acidic or alkaline properties which are measured on a scale called pH ("potential hydrogen"). The pH scale is a decimal logarithm and represents the ratio of positively charged hydrogen ions (acidic) and negatively charged ions (alkaline) in an aqueous solution.
The blood is slightly alkaline, and the pH is considered to be between 7.35 and 7.45. However, this allowable range is very small and easily crossed. Therefor the balance between acidity and alkalinity in the blood is disturbed which in return leads to disruption of the whole human body metabolism. The food, the water and the modern lifestyle that we hold directly affect the body's pH.
Acidosis is a process causing increased acidity in the blood and other body tissues (i.e., an increased hydrogen ion concentration). If not further qualified, it usually refers to acidity of the blood plasma. Metabolic acidosis occurs in dehydrated patients and there are multiple causes of this acidosis.
• At normal pH levels in the body cancer cells do not develop!
• At normal pH levels in the body viruses do not develop!
• At normal pH levels in the body bacterial cells do not grow!
Now let's discuss which is the water that is widely drinkable around the world.
Tap water - The water that is distributed in pipe network inevitably contains bacteria and microorganisms. In order to purify the water to a drinkable quality Governments and Local authorities treat water with disinfectants such as chlorine and others. We think that the water is good for drinking and cooking but in fact the use of chlorine for water disinfecting produces a large amount of free radicals in our bodies which they in return change the structures of cells and respectively leads to cancer. Disinfectants used to treat water are extremely harmful to health. They are the main cause of 90% of the diseases in people. All families cook with tap water and chlorine penetrates into meat and vegetables and from there into our bodies.
Bottled water - The truth is that bottled water is not always healthier than tap water. The composition must be indicated on the label but is often presented in a misleading way. Sometimes even the
disadvantages are highlighted as an advantage! Although we consider it healthy, bottled water is in most cases rather slightly alkaline (the actual pH value is less than 7) and there is no guarantee that it is healthier than the tap water.
Mineral water - Mineral water is not recommended for daily use and should be consumed for prolonged period of time unless prescribed by a doctor. Mineral waters often have a fluoride content that is many times higher than the permitted standards which makes them not suitable for children or adults. In infants and children up to 7 years of age it increases the risk of developing dental fluorosis and in adults it creates increased risk of developing bone fluorosis. Even in small doses fluoride is toxic to the central nervous system and damages the brain. Although we consider it healthy, the normal mineral water is dangerous to the health and should not be consumed constantly. Mineral water is harmful in a number of diseases such as tuberculosis, bleeding, exhaustion, acute diseases, all kinds of infections, advanced hypertension and atherosclerosis, uremia, tumors, even in some kidney diseases, advanced cirrhosis, advanced diabetes and even after ulcer surgery.
Distilled water - pure H2O water that does not contain minerals or other elements. Distilled water is obtained by filtration. It does not contain any chemical compounds and minerals and is the purest of all possible. Even rainwater is not so clean. The negative side is that with prolonged use leads to loss of organic calcium from the body.
Filter jugs - work on the principle of purification with activated carbon. A good, but unproven way to purify. Deposition of limescale in the jugs is observed with prolonged use. The negative side is that some particular models make the water acidic and the use is only restricted to home use that it is not convenient for our modern lifestyle.
So what is the best choice for water then?
The right choice is ADVA:
The most important benefits of ADVA water are:
• It has a pH of 9.
• Alkalizes the blood and helps maintain a proper pH. This increases the body's resistance to disease.
• Alkaline water is water saturated with electrons. Because it is charged with energy, it is ready to give its electrons to the body and thus energize it.
• What is the function of ORP? ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) allows to quantify the ability of a substance to oxidize - to take electrons or to reduce, i.e. to donate electrons.
• ADVA has a negative ORP, a safe source of free electrons and blocks the oxidative potential of free radicals.
• It is a powerful antioxidant, stronger than any dietary supplement! ADVA is the most powerful natural antioxidant in the world! ADVA captures free radicals in the blood, binds to them and excretes them from the body through the urine!
• ADVA is a good helper for all those who struggle with melting fat and losing extra pounds. Taking ADVA on a daily basis significantly suppresses the feeling of hunger without causing discomfort.
Characteristics of Alkaline Water ADVA:
ADVA is:
• Soft, pleasant and delicious.
• Clean of all kinds of chemicals and heavy metals, fluorine, chlorine and microorganisms.
• Highly alkaline - with a constant real detectable pH9.
• Ionized, rich in electrons with negative electric charge.
• Nanofiltered.
• UV sterilized.
• Antioxidant (oxidation-reducing).
• With balanced hydrogen bonds in microclusters and hydrates many times more than other waters!
• Magnetized.
• Saturated with active hydrogen.
• With high energy charge.
• With negative ORP.
• With positive memory.
• Contains the beneficial minerals Ca and Mg.
• Charged with a sound frequency of 432 Hz.
ADVA memory
Recently more often hypotheses that the water has a memory are being proven to be real.
The structure of the water is the way its molecules are arranged. Scientists have found that water molecules are grouped together, and these groups of water molecules are called clusters. The smallest structural element of the clusters consists of five water molecules connected to each other by hydrogen bonds. It is assumed that these five-molecular aggregates are the carrier of water memory and it is in those, as on a tape, that water records everything it sees, feels and senses.
Experiments have shown that if music, laughter or beautiful words are spread above water container, it forms beautifully symmetrical crystals when it is frozen. While if the water “listens” to bad words, heavy music or arguments the frozen crystals become ugly and irregularly shaped.
• With the help of a unique super innovative technological system we clear ADVA from its previous memory and we do the so-called reset of the memory.
• Each and every bottle of ADVA has undergone a special process of adjusting a specific vibration frequency of 432 Hz.
• As a final product ADVA water reaches people charged only with positive emotions.
• ADVA's memory is loaded with the words Love, Success, Happiness, Prosperity and many more

ADVA water is:
• Structured, soft, pleasant and tasty. Clean of all kinds of chemicals and heavy metals, fluorine, chlorine and microorganisms
• Highly alkaline with pH9 at source
• Ionized, rich in electrons with negative electric charge
• High energy charged. Nano filtered. UV sterilized
• Antioxidant (oxidation-reducing). With balanced hydrogen bonds in micro clusters and hydrates many times more than other waters!
• Magnetized.
• Saturated with active hydrogen
• With positive memory

ADVA water comes in UV protective bottles.
For further benefits and information of ADVA water please refer to Downloads.


ADVA restructured water with pH9 at source.

Contains electrolytes

20 bottles per box




500 ml
Weight (kg.)

Lior Ba presents ADVA Water.

Structure Of Water Molecule - Chemistry Of Water - Properties Of Water - Composition Of Water

ADVA - The Future Water


Avi Benedi and Eva Bitton

The limited series of ADVA Water was chosen by Avi Benedi for his special project for Russia.

After the huge European success, Avi Benedi realized another project of his own. The Israeli composer and singer presented a new song recorded especially for the Russian market.

The song is called "Bratan" / "My Brother" and was premiered during the concert of Ishtar to the Plovdiv audience in Bulgaria.

Avi Benedi is a frequent guest performer at private parties of Russian oligarchs and "Bratan" is the artist's gift to his Russian-speaking fans.

The film plot in the almost 7-minute clip of the song is the work of the director Nikolay Skerlev. The photos were shot entirely in Sofia, and some of the roles were entrusted to close friends of the Israeli composer, some of whom arrived in Bulgaria specifically for their participation.

"The photos were under heavy guard. And the reason for that was that for the realization of the video we used real collector's jewelry and watches for over half a million euros. " We were very tired because the shooting of the video took 8 hours, but we succeeded thanks to the living structured water ADVA - says Avi Benedi.

Kids love ADVA!


ADVA and FC locomotiv Stara Zagora

ADVA guarantees health and beauty. Varna 2020 Fashion and Beauty Festival.


ADVA guarantees health and beauty. Varna Fashion and Beauty Festival 2017.



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