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ADVA SILVER - 500 ml

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ADVA SILVER - 500 ml
ADVA SILVER - 500 ml



Biological active water ADVA with colloidal silver 9999 particles, produced by patented technology

Patent № 67115 B1

ADVA SILVER is structured water with nano silver.

Everyone has heard about the benefits of silver water and its unique healing benefits. Silver has been proven for thousands of years to be a powerful natural antimicrobial.

It is known and used 6,000 years ago, without any known side effects or contraindications for humans!

The healing properties of silver were known in China, ancient Egypt, India, ancient Greece and Rome. Ancient healers noticed that those who ate with silverware fell ill less often and did not suffer from infections. As a result, they began to place silver plates on their wounds and found that they healed very quickly without any complications. Let's not forget that in ancient times sterility was not known.

In the Middle Ages, mainly the families of kings and sultans could afford to eat silverware. They drank their drinks from silver cups and kept their food in silver dishes.

As a result, minimal amounts of silver were constantly excreted from the dishes and passed into the food. And with food the nobles took the silver. Over the time their bodies became saturated with silver and this effectively protected them from infections.

It is the use of silver by these rulers that is the source of the so-called definition of "Blue Blood" for the nobles. This is because very long use led to a slight bruising of the blood of the nobles. An effect that is recommended and is not harmful these days.

And since only the richest could afford daily contact with silver, the myth of the blue blood of the nobles was born.

There is no Christian who has not heard and known about the wonderful properties of "holy water." It becomes “holy” when it stays for some time in a silver vessel in the church. The silver cross of the priest is immersed in it all the time.

The healing properties of the holy water are due to the silver ions in it. The water was given to the believers for healing.

What is the secret of silver?

How to use silver water for prevention and treatment, and not only for that?

ADVA SILVER will reveal the secret to you and will teach you to take care of yourself and your health using the gift given to us by God – the silver.

Silver and its action are currently a subject of research for more than 30 institutes around the world. Each year, they report its beneficial effects on more than 80 diseases.

Doctors advise to drink silver water every day because it is a prevention or treatment of many diseases.

Silver has no toxic dose and is one of the nine elements which the human body is made of.

Silver is a vital element for the normal functioning of all our organs and systems of the human body. Silver is an important structural element of many tissues in our body and is an important part of it.

The silver content in our body is 20 mg per 100 grams of dry matter. The largest amount of silver is found in the cortex, in the nuclei of nerve cells, in the glands of the endocrine system, in the eyes, in the liver, kidneys and bones.

According to scientists, a person should take 80 mg silver ions every day to ensure a naturally consistent and proper lifestyle.

Silver is a unique natural antiseptic. Silver ionic solutions have bactericidal and antiviral properties. They destroy all pathogenic viruses and bacteria, increase immunity, activate metabolic processes.

 The bactericidal and disinfecting properties of silver are due to the strong affinity of the silver charge to vital enzymes of unicellular microorganisms.

Silver ions are connected to the sulfhydryl groups in the respiratory enzymes of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms and permanently block their work. This leads to the rapid death of pathogens.

Once through the water ADVA SILVER in the stomach, and from there into the blood, the ions of colloidal silver ADVA SILVER freely penetrate into every organ of the human body. When they encounter a pathogen in the bloodstream, they penetrate it in the same unobstructed way and bind to its plasma proteins, which practically kills it.

The bacterial cell dies also because it has a negative charge and after the penetration of silver ions with a positive electrical charge, electrostatic forces arise as a result of which the bacterium dies.

Many scientists also emphasize the importance of physicochemical processes in the bacteria after the penetration of colloidal silver ions. Of particular importance are those that occur in the bacterial plasma.

The oxidation of the bacterial protoplasm and the destruction as a result of this oxidation play a big role here. Silver catalyzes this process strongly and sustainably. It accelerates and provokes the speed of this reaction.

Disruption and blockage of oxygen metabolism leads to the death of bacteria, viruses, fungi and microorganisms.

The colloidal nano ADVA SILVER attacks and destroys the DNA stability of viruses and pathogens, which again leads to their death.

The presence of silver ions ADVA SILVER has another important positive effect for us: They stimulate the hematopoietic organs, which is manifested in an increase in lymphocytes and erythrocytes in the blood. The level of hemoglobin increases and the rate of erythrocyte sedimentation slows down / ESR /

Recent research shows that colloidal silver is also a powerful immunomodulator that can only be compared in strength to the effects of the steroid hormone.

The task of destroying pathogenic microbes, viruses and bacteria has always been one of the most important tasks for medicine. Therefore, the discovery of antibiotics was taken as a huge step forward in the treatment of people and pharmacists tried to quickly forget the millennial traditions. The doctors forgot about the silver and switched to antibiotic treatment.

But microbes and viruses have the ability to mutate, modify, and adapt to antibiotics. This is why doctors often change antibiotics. Antibiotics have many harmful side effects on the human body. They kill along with pathogens and bacteria beneficial to our health.This always leads to the appearance of 'dysbacteriosis' after the use of antibiotics. Therefore, they are contraindicated in many cases, especially in pregnant women and young children.

Medicine is silent about all this. Every day new and new antibiotics appear on the market, which are supposed to be better than the previous ones. But they are not! Everything is an illusion from which we all lose. We lose health and money!

Scientists who do not have a commercial approach to human health and are studying science in the name of science itself have long proven that antibiotics can be replaced by taking silver water either daily as a prevention or as a treatment if necessary.

Intake of silver ions is considered one of the most promising areas in the quest of people to live healthy and prolong their lives!

Drinking silver water daily does not cause any side effects and there are no contraindications. On the contrary - it is recommended even for children and pregnant women.

We will offer you a comparative analysis:


Action on:

1.       pathogens (viruses, microorganisms and bacteria): In order to prescribe the right antibiotic, it is necessary to make a culture and understand what the pathogen is and which antibiotic will kill it. This is done very rarely. Doctors almost directly prescribe an antibiotic. And if it does not work prescribe another. The treatment lasts at least 7 days. If later you fall ill because of the same pathogen, then the antibiotic you took should be changed because you already have resistance to it.

2.       Beneficial bacteria and microorganisms - In 90% of cases the antibiotic kills them and occurs "dysbacteriosis" as a side effect, wich is very unpleasant esoecially for women!

3.       Antibiotics do not work against viruses!

4.       Side effects - Dozens! It is necessary to take vitamins, probiotics and to avoid alcohol in order to protect from them.

5.       Intake restriction – Especially for pregnant women and young children, although this is not respected. Daily intake or for a long time is strictly forbidden!



Action on:

1.       Pathogens / viruses, microorganisms and bacteria /: Kills them. They cannot build resistance to silver.

2.       Beneficial bacteria and microorganisms - Does not kill them! Does not lead to "dysbacteriosis"! On the contrary - stimulates their development.

3.       Colloidal silver works against viruses! It kills them! / unlike antibiotics /

4.       Side effects – none!

5.       Intake restriction – none! For daily or long-term use – it is absolutely recommended!

In conclusion: Using ADVA SILVER as water for daily use or frequent drinking, increases your immunity because silver ions kill pathogens and do not kill the beneficial bacteria in your body!

It would not be an exaggeration to say that silver water is a natural and harmless healer.

Nobel laureate Robert Saner, a world-renowned scientist, compares drinking water with colloidal silver to obtaining a second immunity. Silver water is a reliable and secure shield that perfectly protects us from pathogenic viruses, bacteria and infections.

Colloidal silver. Colloidal nanosilver - ADVA SILVER - a product of nanotechnology

I want to comment on the subject of colloidal nanosilver. Each of you has a vague idea of ​​what nanotechnology is. For this I will focus on the main points.

Nanotechnology is a field of fundamental and applied science and technology that deals with the theory, practice and research of controlled manipulation of individual atoms and molecules, as well as methods for the production and use of products with a given atomic structure.

Today, one of the most evolving areas of nanotechnology is the creation and use of particles of various nanoscale materials. The production of nanosilver and the study of its properties is a process to which we are dedicated.

Colloidal nanosilver ADVA SILVER is a product made of microscopic silver nanoparticles dissolved in demineralized and deionized water, which we have obtained with our own innovative technology.

ADVA SILVER nano silver particles have a size of 20 nm.

Billions of silver nanoparticles increase the surface area in contact with pathogens and the beneficial antiseptic, bactericidal and disinfectant properties of silver increase many times over.

Colloidal silver is completely safe for humans. Without any side effects. It is the most powerful natural antiseptic.

Effect of nano-silver:

-          The action of silver ions is on more than 650 types of bacteria (for comparison: the action of any antibiotic is on no more than 5 to 10 types of bacteria).

-          The most resistant microorganisms die in no more than 6 minutes in direct treatment.

-          Colloidal silver directly destroys all available microorganisms, while most antibiotics damage only the new formed microbial cells, without affecting the already developed ones. It works much faster than most antibiotics.

-          It works much faster than most antibiotics.

-          There is no evidence that any pathogenic microorganism has developed resistance to colloidal silver, unlike antibiotics, which must be changed due to the development of resistance of a number of microorganisms to them.

It is known that the antimicrobial effect of silver is higher than that of penicillin and most antibiotics.

Impartial non-commercial doctors advise that if you are ill and need to take an antibiotic, you should take silver water at all costs so that you can cover a large number of strains or pathogens in your fight against the disease. Specifically, against the manifestation of dysbacteriosis, it is recommended to drink a glass of ADVA SILVER in the morning on an empty stomach.

It is useful to drink ADVA SILVER when taking any medication, because silver ions prevent from intoxication.

Silver water should be drunk at least 20-30 minutes before taking medicines, herbs or foods to avoid reaction with the substances in them. It enhances the action of herbs from 3 to 7 times, and with drugs - from 5 to 10 times. This effect allows to reduce the cost of treatment. You save money on probiotics and vitamins because you don't have to buy them. You also save money on the shortened course of treatment.

ADVA SILVER is a proven friend in the fight against the flu.

 You know that the flu is a very insidious disease because it changes quickly.

His strains are over 200 and doctors can not know in advance which of them will have to fight. The flu itself is not as dangerous as the complications that come from it. The autumn and winter of 2014 and the spring of 2015 are proof of that! Influenza affected more than 50% of people, and the illness and recovery took almost all patients several weeks. As you know, the first barriers that flu viruses face are our skin and mucous membranes. The enzyme "lysozyme" is produced in them. It dissolves the walls of bacterial cells and thus kills them.
The silver ions in ADVA SILVER stimulate the production of "lysozyme" on the surface of the skin, in the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, in the gastrointestinal tract, in the bronchi! In parallel, ADVA SILVER blocks the enzymes of pathogens. / as we have already explained above /.

It has been scientifically proven that with daily use of silver water, a person does not get sick from the viruses of influenza A, B, Mitra and Sendai.

ADVA SILVER successfully protects you from ARI - acute respiratory diseases.

When using ADVA SILVER water, the metabolic processes in the body are activated, the immunity is increased.


Recommendations for use:

ADVA SILVER is recommended for daily use for people with:

- intensive lifestyle

- high load

- insomnia

- work among many people

Colloidal silver ADVA SILVER, enhances tissue respiration up to 200% and activates the immune system up to 100%. So ADVA SILVER gives you strength, tone, energy, health and immunity!




Interesting fact:

ADVA SILVER is recommended for people engaged in singing, because silver is of great importance for the rapid recovery of the vocal cords and to maintain their tone. Silver is an important factor in the resonance of the vocal cords.

 Recommendations for use of ADVA SILVER with prophylactic and curative action in:

1.       Gastritis and ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, because colloidal silver ions kill the bacterium "Heliobacter", which is the most common cause of gastritis. And if you already have an ulcer or gastritis, it is recommended to drink 3 glasses of ADVA SILVER every day for 3 months, 30 minutes before meal.

2.       Intestinal infections and gastrointestinal diseases

3.       Diarrhea and disorders

4.       Holicistitis

5.       Cystitis

6.       Infectious hepatitis

7.       Pancreatitis

8.       Duodenitis

9.       Various skin irritations. Acne and others.

10.   Diabetes

11.   Bronchial asthma

12.   Bronchitis

13.   Acute and chronic pneumonia

14.   Rheumatoid arthritis

15.   Sinusitis

16.   Runny nose

17.   Caries, periodontitis / hold sips of water before drinking them /

18.   Inflammation of the kidneys

19.   Endocrine diseases

20.   With menopause or heavy menstruation

21.   Mastitis in nursing mothers

22.   Prostatitis

23.   Herpes

24.   Hemorrhoids

25.   Didbacteriosis

26.   Helminthiasis

27.   Oncological diseases

28.   Allergies

29.   Angina

30.   Influenza

31.   Laryngitis

32.   Chronic fatigue



Demonstration of colloidal nanoparticles by the Tyndall effect - light scattering by a light laser as it passes through a colloidal area.

This short presentation of ADVA SILVER can be your great health gift! It can bring significant benefits to many people in their quest to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Life without drugs and medicines. Of course, in case of serious diseases, the recommendations given by us should be applied and, if necessary, changed, under the guidance of a health professional. By health specialist we mean a doctor or homeopath, because the prevention we offer you through daily use of silver water ADVA SILVER is part of homeopathy as a science.































500 ml

ADVA - The future of water.



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