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ADVA Pink Kiss - Structured bioactive water charged with quantum energy coming from pink gold and pink quartz

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ADVA Pink Kiss - Structured bioactive water charged with quantum energy coming from pink gold and pink quartz
ADVA Pink Kiss - Structured bioactive water charged with quantum energy coming from pink gold and pink quartz


ADVA + Au + Cu + Ag + Pink quartz = Health, strong immunity and longevity

We created ADVA Pink Kiss as a structured bioactive water charged with quantum energy coming from pink gold and pink quartz.

You all already know our bioactive structured ADVA water, which is used mainly for hydration, detoxication and strengthening the immune system.  You also know that ADVA is produced by patented technology with Patent № 67115 B1

The pink gold has conquered many women hearts.

Pink gold is obtained from a mixture of gold and copper. The composition of the natural pink gold is about 75% gold, 22,5% copper and a small percentage of silver.

The benefits of the body from this mixture are:


It is proven that gold:

-          Increases life expectancy

-          Regenerates, tones and rejuvenates the skin and also protects it from aging, wrinkles, acne, lichens and blemishes

-          Regenerates body skin and protects it from cellulite, stretch marks, aging and slackening.

-          Turns and energizes the body (tones, refreshes, invigorates)

-          Improves memory and sharpens the mind

-          Strengthens the heart muscle, increases productivity and endurance.

-          Heals food and drink poisoning and detoxifies from alcohol, medicaments, drugs and nicotine

Gold has a strong and beneficial effect on the condition of the body, both healthy and sick. Colloidal gold was widely used in the United States to treat diseases until 1940, and as early as 1885, it was used to treat alcoholism.

It was found that it can also be used to treat arthritis, skin ulcers, burns and mental disorders.

Gold does not have bactericidal properties, like colloidal silver, but it affects different types of degenerative conditions.

 Stabilizes the state of the nervous system.

Restores inner harmony, especially in people with unstable psyche, such as depression, melancholy, sadness, fear, despair, suicidal tendencies.

Gold has a direct effect on the rhythm and stability of the heart and normalizes the functions of the circulatory system.

IMPORTANT: Gold has a very beneficial effect on organs that are difficult to regenerate, especially the brain.

IMPORTANT: Gold helps restoring the functions of the endocrine glands, stimulates the nervous system, relieves stress.

Gold has a healing effect on the digestive system

Gold has a positive effect on the mechanism of thermoregulation, especially for colds, fevers and profuse sweating.

It is used to treat alcoholism and drug addiction, reducing addiction and cravings for alcohol and drugs.

IMPORTANT: The simultaneous use of gold, copper and silver strengthens the body resistance to diseases and helps to restore vitality and longevity. Silver suppresses inflammatory processes, just as gold strengthens, restores and preserves health. Gold is used in all types of mental, emotional and physical degenerative conditions.



Now we are going to explain what are the main benefits of the Copper /Cu/

Professor Bill Keevil is a microbiologist in the British University of Southampton. He studies the properties of copper, which kills germs - or as researchers call them pathogens.

Keevil points out in his research that copper ions have reduced the rate of infections by 58%.

In a study published in the journal mBio, Keevil and his team found that copper ions can quickly kill the 229E coronavirus.

You may not know coronavirus 229E by name.

But if you've ever had a common cold or more severe pneumonia, you've been in contact with it.

Coronavirus 229E is also closely associated with the pathogen that causes SARS and MERS.

Keevil explains that copper ions - electrically charged molecules - kill dangerous viruses by destroying their genetic material. Copper ions do this by interacting with oxygen and altering oxygen molecules. As a result, viral cells cannot mutate.

“Now these ions are able to break through the cell membrane, enter the cell and destroy their nucleic acid. So, they are completely killed. There is no chance of a mutation leading to resistance and no return. The benefits of copper are fantastic.”

Keevil notes that ancient civilizations knew about the properties of copper to kill germs.

Researchers from the US National Institute of Health write on their website about the oldest registered medical use of honey.

They say its use is noted in an Egyptian medical book written about 4,000 years ago.

The book describes how they used honey to sterilize wounds and water.



Everyone has heard about the benefits of silver water and its unique healing properties. Silver has been proven for thousands of years to be a powerful natural antimicrobial.

It is known and used for 6,000 years, without any known adverse side effects or contraindications for humans!

Everyone has heard about the benefits of silver water and its unique healing properties. Silver has been proven for thousands of years to be a powerful natural antimicrobial.

It has been known and used for 6,000 years, without any known adverse side effects or contraindications for humans!

The healing properties of silver were known in China, ancient Egypt, India, ancient Greece and Rome. Ancient healers noticed that those who ate in silverware fell ill less often and did not suffer from infections. As a result, they began to place silver plates on severe wounds and found that they healed very quickly without any complications. Let's not forget that in ancient times sterility was not known.

In the Middle Ages, mainly the families of kings and sultans could afford to eat silverware. They drank their drinks from silver cups and kept their food in silver dishes.

As a result, minimal amounts of silver were constantly excreted from the vessels and passed into the food. And with food the nobles took the silver. Thus, over time, their bodies became saturated with silver and this effectively protected them from infections.

It is the use of silver by these high personalities that is the source of the so-called definition of "Blue Blood" for the nobles. This is because very long use led to a slight bruising of the blood of the nobles. An effect that is recommended and is not harmful today.

Silver ions have the following effect on:

1. Pathogens / viruses, microorganisms and bacteria /: They kill them.

They cannot build resistance to silver.

2. Beneficial bacteria and microorganisms - Do not kill them! Does not lead to

"Dysbacteriosis"! On the contrary - stimulates their development.

3. Colloidal silver also works against viruses! It kills them! / unlike antibiotics /

4. Side effects - None!

5. Restriction on admission - None! Admission daily or for a long time - Highly recommended!

It would not be an exaggeration to say that silver water is a natural, natural and harmless healer.

Nobel laureate Robert Sainer, a world-renowned scientist, compares drinking water to the energy charge of colloidal silver to obtaining a second immunity. Silver water is a reliable and secure shield that perfectly protects us from pathogenic viruses, bacteria and infections.

 Pink quartz:

And why did we choose to upgrade our patent by restructuring ADVA Pink Kiss with Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is a cornerstone for the heart chakra.

Its energy is important for achieving self-realization and inner peace.

The soft, relaxing pink in the stone comforts and heals the accumulated wounds of the heart.

It is a crystal for those who are unable to experience the pleasures of life because they have never received love. It is for people who have not experienced the true essence of love and therefore it is impossible to access the inner worlds of the heart.

As an important member of the Quartz family, Rose Quartz inherits dynamic energy and healing power. In addition, it emits a calm vibration of soft and sweet pink.


The ancient Egyptians saw the stone as a way to slow down aging.

It has traditionally been given to newborn babies to facilitate the transition from the spiritual to the physical dimension. This transition is essential during the first few months of babies' lives so that they can successfully adapt to the new conditions and be in harmony with both worlds.

Ancient cultures were aware of the importance of Rose Quartz. There are countless legends and stories about love revived by mythological figures who use its power, such as Eros and Cupid, Aphrodite and Adonis.

The Egyptians left healing face masks from water with Rose Quartz in the tombs with the sarcophagi of the pharaohs. They are said to have used these alchemical creations to maintain youthful beauty, glowing skin and attract love among other things.

Australian magicians made powerful, sacred water from this stone, which they called liquefied quartz; they considered this liquid a panacea.

It can definitely be said that the ancient cultures of Egypt, China and Tibet were extremely in tune with the rhythms of the earth and had the knowledge of how to use the properties of Rose Quartz to evoke a specific intention. From the records and artifacts they have left behind, we know that there are many ways to connect with the love and power that is inherent on planet Earth.


The other names by which Rose Quartz is known are "love stone" and "heart stone".

Rose Quartz stone is a healer for internal wounds. It teaches a person the power to forgive and reprograms the heart to love itself. It shows that the source of love comes from within, and from this source of boundless love, every wound, no matter how deep or painful, can be healed.

With Heart Healing, Rose Quartz will reveal that the lesson contained in many negative experiences is to learn how to love and support each other.

Enjoy ADVA Pink Kiss.

Be young, beautiful, vibrant, healthy and energetically balanced!




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