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ADVA GOLD – Water with 24 karat colloidal gold particles - 500 ml

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ADVA GOLD – Water with 24 karat colloidal gold particles - 500 ml
ADVA GOLD – Water with 24 karat colloidal gold particles - 500 ml


Biological active water ADVA with 24 karat colloidal gold particles, produced by patented technology

Patent № 67115 B1

All around the world people are interested in the precious metal, called gold (from Latin aurum, which means morning star).

Jewelry is expensive and many of us do not like it only because its appearance. However, not many people know about its healing properties.

Gold can be rarely found in its pure form, but its compounds with other elements can easily be found. Gold is extracted from gold-bearing sand by treatment with dissolving sodium hydroxide and sodium cyanide in the presence of oxygen.

A common method of extracting gold in powder form is with the help of mercury. Mercury forms an amalgam of gold.

It is important to know that at the time of completion of the gold extraction process, all the excipients listed above remain outside the atomic structure of gold.

The chemical sign of gold is Au / aurum /.

Gold is one of the heaviest metals with a relative weight of 19.3 times more than water.

 Gold is the most ductile and malleable of all metals.

18 useful active isotopes of gold are known. They react with the royal water.

90 to 95% of world gold production is used as a reserve to stabilize world currencies,

Half of the remaining amount is used in jewelry.

A quarter is used for the needs of the electrical industry.

About 10% - in dentistry. This is not accidental! Only golden crowns protect against periodontitis. In addition, through the gums a person constantly receives gold ions that enter the bloodstream.

The remaining very small amount is used for medical purposes. However, this percentage increases with each passing year.

Colloidal gold has a huge benefit for people.

In the myths and legends of all nations, gold is described as a particle of frozen sun.

Scientists have already proven that this is not a fabrication, and gold is indeed an accumulator of solar energy and it has an enormous impact on humans.

If we look at the Chinese treatises in medicine we can notice that there are many recipes related to gold.

Eastern wise men used gold for metal therapy, micro-pricking and application of gold plates on the human body.

The Chinese used raw gold to treat the nervous system and other diseases.

Today, more and more attention is being paid to aurotherapy (treatment with gold) Mostly 24 carat gold is used for treatment.


Healing powers of gold

From ancient times, gold is mainly used in two ways: in powder form – internally or in the form of plates, placed on the affected area.

In natural medicine these days, gold is used as a powerful tool to the basic kinds of therapy.

It is proven that gold:

-          Increase life expectancy

-          Cures poisoning

-          Excites and amplifies energy (tone effect)

-          Improves memory and sharpens the mind

-          Strengthens the heart muscle, increases performance and endurance.

Gold has a strong and beneficial effect on the condition of the body, both healthy and sick. Colloidal gold was widely used in the United States to treat diseases until 1940, and in 1885 it was used to treat alcoholism.

It has been found that it can also be used to treat arthritis, skin diseases, burns and mental disorders.

Gold does not have bactericidal properties, like colloidal silver, but it affects various types of degenerative conditions.

Stabilizes the state of the nervous system.

Restores inner harmony, especially in people with unstable psyche, such as depression, melancholy, sadness, fear, despair, suicidal tendencies.

Gold has a direct effect on the rhythm and stability of the heart and normalizes the functions of the circulatory system.

IMPORTANT: Gold has a very beneficial effect on organs that are difficult to regenerate, especially the prefrontal cortex.

IMPORTANT: Gold supports the recovery of the functions of endocrine glands, stimulates the nervous system, relieves stress.

Gold has a healing effect on the digestive system.

Gold has a positive effect on the mechanism of thermoregulation, especially for colds, fevers and profuse sweating.

It is used to treat alcoholism, reducing alcohol addiction and cravings.

IMPORTANT: Using gold and silver together helps strengthening the body's resistance to disease and helps to restore vitality and longevity. Silver suppresses inflammatory processes, just as gold strengthens, restores and preserves health. Gold can be used for all types of mental, emotional and physical degenerative conditions.



Colloidal gold is a colloidal solution of ultra-small gold particles in demineralized water. Gold particles carry the same charge and are in the water in a suspended state. The diameter of the particles is about one billionth of a meter. In no mechanical or any other way is it impossible to break up gold to such a small size.

IMPORTANT: ADVA colloidal gold mining technology is innovative because it is the only one in the world that manages to maintain the energy polarization of the gold ion.

This practically means that drinking a 500 ml bottle ADVA GOLD is equivalent in meaning and many times stronger than acupuncture with golden needles, because when water is ingested, 10 times more gold ions are introduced into the body than during acupuncture.

In nature only the plants can accumulate gold, the particle size of which is as small as in colloidal gold. The particle size is so small that it can remain suspended in pure water indefinitely (colloid).

Colloidal gold is obtained using a high-tech method or electrolysis, in which purified water (with triple deionization) is passed on the surface of pure (0.999) gold, through which a current with high frequency and voltage passes. Gold ions pass from the surface of pure gold into the water, which is then treated with ozone (oxygen) and passed through a powerful magnetic field. The result is pure gold in pure form.

IMPORTANT: Colloidal gold is non-toxic.

ADVA GOLD stimulates the body's restorative functions.

ADVA GOLD increases the natural resistance to diseases.

ADVA GOLD energetically stimulates your body!

ADVA GOLD gives you longevity and durability.

ADVA GOLD is successfully used in the form of colloidal gold in:

-          Brain dysfunction

-          Stress

-          Exhaustion

-          Physical activity

-          Intensive training

-          Depression

-          Drug addiction

-          Chronic alcoholism

-          Arthritis

-          Colds

-          Dysfunction of the blood supply systems

-          Disorder of the digestive system

-          Dysfunction of the endocrine system

-          Obesity

-          Violation of the mechanism of thermoregulation

-          Oncological diseases


Colloidal gold has an inhibitory effect on cancerous tumors. In order to ensure the maximum effect in the treatment with colloidal gold of non-surgical cancer, it is necessary to fulfill the following conditions: the preparation must be stable, with a precisely defined concentration, and the particle size contained in this gold must be to be small enough and approximately the same. But a doctor's recommendation is still needed for this purpose.







500 ml


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