About us

“Your health and bio-safety are of paramount importance for us”

“ADVA International” EOOD is a part of the Consortium of “ADVA International London”

We are developing and implementing innovative projects, technologies and products for the bio-safety of all people by creating bio-protection of the water, the air and the environment in general.

All our technologies are adapted to the global eco and bio standards.

By quantum, metaphysical, electrophysical, ultrasonic and bioresonance impacts of the water, air and the environment we are providing the best biosecurity for people, plants and animals.

The international ADVA team is fully committed to the task of making ADVA technologies and products accessible to people all around the world which can provide them a better quality of life.

ADVA International is working in the following regards:

Developing and patenting of methods and devices for production of bioactive structured water ADVA

Development nano-technologies

Development of quantum technologies

Development of methods, technologies and devices for providing viruses, bacteria, allergens and other pathogens disposal in water and air.

Development of photo-catalytic paints against the harmful compounds in the air.

Development of nano and bio cosmetics

Development of drinks with herbal and natural essences.

Development of alternative methods for bacterial infections treatment.

Development of technologies for organic farming.

Development of biosecurity methods and devices for plant and livestock production, meat and milk industries, natural waters, swimming pools, SPA centers, public bath houses etc.

Development of methods for obtaining alternative fuels or increasing of energetic efficiency of fuels.

Development of feed additives for the animal production.

Development of fire protection paints.

Development of milk replacers.

 Development of mould inhibitors.

Development of ultrasonic devices for disentanglement cellulose.

Development of functional foods and supplements for athletes.

Development of functional foods and supplements for people with special needs.

ADVA International is carrying out the following activities:



Production and integration of the developed methods, technologies and devices in the everyday life of people and industries.

Production of bioactive, structured alkaline water ADVA.

Production of smart systems for treatment and structuring of all kinds of water.

Production of disinfectants, virucides, biocides.

Production of smart systems for disinfection.

Production of nano-cosmetics.